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Usagi Sailor Moon - Pen Handwriting

Friday, May 4, 2012

oh darling

u seem quite nice for a girl with good looks,
and im the kinda fellow tht'll make feel better when your life gets shock.
so give it a change according to your plans.
i bet im not number one on your list to kiss, but please understand...

u seem quite shy ,but youre ohh so cute and...
im the kind of girl that would love to be yours if you asked me to..
so just take a change try to hold my hand..
i swear i'd never let go. just let me know if you'de be my man..

i really want to come out and tell you.
oh darling ,i love you so..
if you'de ask me for my heart,there's no way that ill say no.
oh darling ,just take a change please so we can stay together

you seem quite right for a boy like me, and i wanna know would you treat me well.
would you treat me like a queen..

so i gotta ask you,i cant be afraid,i gotta take a change at love, so what do you say..

oh darling i love you so, if you ask me for my heart, there's no way that ill say no. :)