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Saturday, April 7, 2012

deep in my heart

deep in my heart, your name in it, in my heart, i know, that you never love me like i love you,
i konw it sounds like little strange.. but for me, its not strange at all..
this because i truly love u so much..

i dont konw how to forget bout you..ive tried difrent ways but all are not to be what i want..
why u dont love me?? emm, mybe you dont hve any feeling bout me, :( so cruel..
if u dont like me, why you wnt to be in love with me?? :( damn! you lied...
you just want to fun in your life only, why ??????
u break my heart like you throw away the useless... :( DAMN!

onedy you will regret what u doing on your EX GF....

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